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Sport Dentistry in Baner

SmileTogether Dental Clinic specialty centers offering dental care procedures related to minor or major sports injuries contracted mainly during contact sports. Sports Dentistry in Baner aims at the prevention and treatment of oral/facial athletic injuries as well as diseases. Though general estimates on sports injuries may be available in each country, the specific details are hardly available as minor natures of sports injuries mostly go unreported. It is generally believed that nearly 50% of all injuries are preventable.

It is advisable for the sporting community to have the sports dentistry centers in Baner identified for a quick approach when needed. The indulgence in sporting activities is a natural reflex for the common masses. Participation in sports competitions brings the challenge to maximize the benefits and to limit injuries. Sports dentistry has a major role to play in this area. Prevention and adequate preparation are the key elements in minimizing injuries that occur in sport. It is always better to have the insurance of custom (dentist) made mouthguards. Parents should encourage their young kids to wear mouthguards in sports participation. Sports bodies should also make it mandatory to wear this important protective teeth gear.

In a good number of competitive sports, particularly the contact sports of football, boxing, martial arts, and hockey, it is essential to take injury prevention measures through properly fitted mouthguards. Several other non-contact sports like basketball, baseball, bicycle riding, rollerblades, soccer, and wrestling, racquetball, surfing, and skateboarding also require properly fitted dental mouthguards, as dental injuries unfortunately are a negative aspect of participation in these sports.

Dental injuries are often sustained participating in competitive sports, and complex injuries need to be attended to the right at the site of sporting events. This is possible only when the dentists have the knowledge and ability to do “on-site” differential diagnosis, without the use of X-rays and dental operatories, to determine the future treatment and prognosis of the injury. It is also important that sportsmen undergo screenings and examinations like a diagnosis of caries, orthodontics, loose teeth, dental habits, crown and bridgework, cosmetic dental work like veneers, missing teeth, artificial teeth (implants), and the possible need for extractions for gum disease or wisdom teeth. Accordingly, the determination of the need for a specific type and design of mouthguard is made at this time.

The dental literature specified four types of mouthguards the design and fabrication of which is extremely important. The types are (1) Stock, (2) Boil and Bite, (3) Vacuum Custom made, and (4) Pressure Laminated Custom made. When choosing one, from out of the various available, you may remember that a mouthguard should be flexible, comfortable, durable, odorless, tasteless, and easy to clean. A mouth guard should fit properly so that it protects your mouth, but does not interfere with breathing or speaking.

Stock Mouthguard
The stock mouthguard is the least expensive mouthguard available at most sporting good stores. They come in limited sizes like small, medium, and large. The disadvantage is that they are least protective and are held in place by biting down, without a proper fit. They are bulky and holding these guards in place requires that you bite down, so they can interfere with speech and breathing. This type of mouthguard is often altered and cut by the athlete in an attempt to make it more comfortable, further reducing the protective properties of the mouthguard. It has been suggested and advised in the medical/dental literature that these types of mouthguards not be worn due to their lack of retention and protective properties.



Boil and Bite Mouthguard

Bite and Boil Mouthguard is presently the most commonly used mouthguard on the market. This type of mouthguard is heavily advertised and also sold in all sporting goods stores. The reason they are called “boil and bite mouth guards,” is because they’re softened by immersing in boiling water and then formed to fit your mouth by using finger, tongue, and biting pressure. This type of mouth guard costs a little more than the stock types, but because it is formed around your teeth, it fits and protects your mouth better. However, it still may not cover all your teeth properly, as the material is excessively thin after forming. Dental mouth arch lengths studies have shown that most boil and bite mouthguards do not cover all posterior teeth. The bottom line is that Stock and Boil and Bite Mouthguards do not provide the expected care and injury prevention that a properly diagnosed and fabricated custom-made mouthguard does. Sports dentists and health professionals interested in injury prevention do not recommend store-bought boil and bite mouthguards to the patients and athletic teams.

Custom-made Mouthguards

In the series of mouthguards, the best one that effectively prevents injury is the mouthguard custom made for you by your dentist. This type is undoubtedly a bit more expensive, but it is the most effective at protecting your mouth, face, and head. Since it is made by a dentist after taking the current impression of your teeth, it fits perfectly and is also the most comfortable to wear. When you consider that the cost of fixing one broken tooth is more expensive than having a mouthguard custom made, the value is obvious. This is especially important if a person is in orthodontic braces or has various dental restorations in the mouth. Having a customized mouth guard is the best option, as your general dentist or Prosthodontist listed with SmileTogether Dental Clinic will ask several questions and bear in mind the sporting events you actively participate in. These are important questions that the sporting goods store retailer and the boil & bite mouthguard cannot begin to address. There are two categories of custom mouthguards, the Vacuum Mouthguard and the Pressure Laminated Mouthguard.

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