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Root Canal Treatment in Baner


Are you searching for a dental clinic For Root Canal Treatment in Baner, Aundh? if yes then this is your destination. where Dr. Preeti Singh provides you the best RCT.

Root canal treatment at Smile Together dental clinic Baner, Pune is painless and relatively affordable than many other dental clinics in Baner, Pune.

Root canal treatment at Smile Together Dental clinic Baner, Pune is performed by ultra-modern equipment using high brand dental files and metal-free post root canal restorative materials like composite restoration.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure in Baner

Root canal treatment is usually done when the patient experiences moderate to severe pain, sensitivity, and swelling due to dental caries/decay.

Root canal treatment eliminates pain and saves the tooth. Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia making sure the area around the particular tooth is numb so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable due to pain. After the area is numb a small hole is been made and all the carious part of the tooth is removed till the pulp chamber. Then the canals in the root are thoroughly rinsed and cleaned making sure no infectious material is present in the tooth.

Ultimately the root canals are sealed with biocompatible material like gutta-percha and the cavity is restored using metal-free restorative material like glass ionomer cement or composite cement.

Root canal treatments in the teeth with difficult anatomy like moderate to severely curved canals, calcified canals, the torturous position of canals, pulp stones, inaccessible areas, patients with restricted mouth opening are also treated with ease at Smile Together Dental clinic Baner by Dr. Preeti Singh. endodontist, making sure the treatment is carried out comfortably and with ease. It needs 3-4 visits and each appointment takes about 45 minutes maximum.

After the entire procedure of root canal, we recommend giving the treated tooth a crown to increase the longevity of that tooth. There are many kinds of dental crowns based on the material of the crown-like zirconia crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, all-ceramic crowns, and metal crowns.

Post and core treatment is performed with great expertise at Smile Together Dental Clinic by Dr. Preeti Singh and the team. We believe in saving the original tooth and give the most affordable and the most comfortable experience for our patients.

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Various Factors that affect the cost of root canal treatment in Pune

    • the severity and complexity of the case.
    • X-ray cost.
    • Crown or tooth cap used in root canal treatment.
    • types of treatment such as Microscope, Endomotor, and Laser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a procedure that relieves tooth pain by removing part of the inner nerve structure of a tooth. The roots are the deepest part of the tooth, and if these become infected or damaged, your tooth can become infected.

Q. Is a root canal painful?

No. It just depends on the dentist and the technology used. With a good working knowledge of root canal fillings, you can perform the procedure with ease, comfort, and accuracy.

Q. What determines if a tooth needs a treatment of root canal?

Having a root canal is just an indication that there’s an infection in the pulp of your tooth. Decay (cavity) between the teeth, which if left untreated can lead to pain and infection.

Q. How Long, Does a Root Canal procedure Take?

It takes 30 to 60 minutes to undergo a root canal procedure. and might take longer for a more complex case.

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