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Dental Cleaning in Baner

A dental cleaning in Baner performed by a dental professional is a 30-60 min procedure that is important to keep the gums and teeth clean. Due to dental anxieties and phobias, many people may fear getting a cleaning or even avoid the process altogether, which can have harmful effects on the teeth. Having a full understanding of what to expect when having teeth cleaned at a dentist’s office can help patients have a stress-free experience.

Dental cleaning in Baner and scaling is a basic routine dental procedure whereby the dentist tends to remove the deposit/tar/plaque/calculus deposited on your teeth due to improper brushing or crowded teeth. Teeth cleaning which is also referred to as scaling is a painless procedure whereby the dentist uses a Scalar machine that operates using vibration and water to remove the stains or deposits on the teeth. Patients may experience sensitivity was doing the procedure but it’s nominal and does not last long.


Most frequently patients are afraid to undergo normal tooth cleaning as they believe it may wear their tooth surface but that’s not the truth, scaling has nothing to damage or loosen your teeth so there’s nothing to worry about. Teeth Scaling OR Teeth Cleaning helps to remove all the deposits and maintain good oral hygiene and also helps to keep your gums healthy. SmileTogether Dental Clinic provides Teeth cleaning and Teeth scaling service in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad at a very low cost.

Types of Teeth Cleaning in Baner

Teeth cleaning are basically of two types:

1) Supragingival

2) Subgingival

Supragingival Scaling

A Supragingival tooth cleaning is the cleaning of the tooth above the gum margins which includes removal of stains from tooth surface and deposits. Stains are of two types

1. Intrinsic stains: Intrinsic stains on cur within the tooth surface either due to chronic tobacco chewing, fluoridise, demineralization, and hypo calcification which are not possible to remove completely by scaling and require tooth bleaching to whiten the tooth surface.

2. Extrinsic: These stains are formed on the outer surface of a tooth or are superficial stains due to pigmentation caused by smoking, beverage, tea, coffee. These stains are easy to remove and can be completely removed to give you a brighter smile.

here are just some of the reasons that people get need orthodontic treatment.

Sub-gingival teeth cleaning

This includes teeth cleaning below the gingival margin on the root surface; it is also referred to as root planning which includes removal of tar or calculus deposited on the root surface. This procedure is basically performed by a Periodontist using currents to reach below the tooth’s surface and removing the deposit completely to prevent any periodontal condition which helps to maintain the tooth for a longer period of time.

Benefits of teeth cleaning in Aundh

Periodic teeth cleaning helps to prevent any form of dental disease that includes any sort of cavity prevents bad breath helps to get whiter teeth and also maintains good oral hygiene, if you are looking for ‘teeth cleaning dentist near me’ or ‘teeth scale and polish near me’ so don’t hesitate and visit us or call us now at SmileTogether dental clinic to book your appointment for teeth cleaning.

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